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We do not want gravel pits to operate near Fox Creek Elementary School.  The public does not want this to happen and we need you to listen to us.  Gravel pits make toxic air pollution, noise and dirt from the trucks hauling the gravel.  Land berms and machine mufflers will not change this.  Gravel pits are also very unsafe.  Children are attracted to the pits and many die each year.  Two children have died since school started in August.  I respectfully request that you do not grant permits for gravel pits anywhere near Fox Creek Elementary.  If you already intend to vote "yes" please conduct the following studies suggested by the EPA before the gravel pit permits are issued.  You owe this to the residents who have supported you.

In view of the close proximity of public residences, the following studies should be conducted by objective government agencies prior to consideration of the gravel pit proposal: 
  • An environmental study, including impact to groundwater, the water table, and aquifer and potential impact to local drinking water including well water and city water supply shall be carried out.
  • A particle size analysis shall be carried out for the project area.
  • An analysis of the deposit material with particular attention to the silica level and the PM 2.5 fraction shall be conducted.
  • An analysis of the impacts to air quality from the release of Radon and other dangerous gases shall be carried out.
  • Dust modeling, taking into account prevailing wind patterns shall be carried out.
  • Noise modeling shall be carried out.
  • Particle size analysis shall be carried out for the project area.
For your consideration...
Jack Barnette, EPA Chief for Radiation and Indoor Air, visited the a school in the Spring of 1999. This is what he told the city:
"One obvious problem was the amount of dust and sand that had accumulated near the doors and windows of the school. The principle source of dust was the gravel pit that was adjacent to the school property."  The letter continues, "The maintenance staff told me that they cleaned up the dust and sand everyday. They also indicated that dust from the pit impacted the school or the playground on a regular basis. Though the indoor conditions of the school suggested a well maintained facility, the outdoor source, that is, the gravel pit, was definitely having a negative impact on the building and grounds of this institution." ( Valley View School, McHenry County. Letter. Jack Barnette. September 17, 2002)

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