Scavenger Hunt

  • PTO Board, committee Chairpersons, and their spouses CANNOT participate.
  • Emails will be read on a first come first serve basis using the incoming email time stamp and must be received by the date indicated with clues.
  • Correct answers are required for all questions, and answers should be associated with its questions.
  • Winners must attend PTO meeting to pick up prize.
  • Winners must be the parent of an existing Fox Creek Elementary student.
  • Only two winners per month will be selected.
  • Only one winner per family per month.

  • Scavenger hunt clues will be placed on the PTO Web site monthly.
  • Scavenger hunt clues will be related to the PTO and Fox Creek Elementary.
  • Email the questions and associated answers to "" including the word Scavenger hunt in the Subject.