Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon Fight Against Fox Creek Gravel Pits
Join Fox Creek Students Council in a “Red Ribbon Fight Against Fox Creek Gravel Pits”
The McLean County Board may vote on Tuesday, September 15th to allow gravel pits to operate just 500 feet away from our school.  The Zoning Board already approved it this week!  In the future, there could be three different gravel pits around Fox Creek Elementary. 
We are asking you to help us stop the gravel pits by tying a red ribbon around a tree in your yard or on your front door.  We want to show the board how many of us are against the gravel pits and tell them to vote NO on the gravel pit permits.
The gravel pits will hurt kids and staff at Fox Creek because:
  • they make large amounts of dust pollution that will hurt our lungs
  • they make loud noise that we will hear all day, especially on the playground
  • a lot of  trucks will be driving around our school, making dust and traffic
  • there won’t be a fence to keep us out
Please act now to help us stop the gravel pits:
  • Tie any kind of red ribbon or fabric around a tree in your yard or on your front door today.  Ask your neighbors and friends to do it, too.
  • Go to our information page at  Click on the Gravel Pits link.  This will provide all of the information that you need to know about stopping the gravel pits and has links about the health, safety and environmental dangers of gravel pits operating close to schools and homes.
  • Send an email or call the County Board and other officials, asking them to help us stop the gravel pits.  The contact information and ideas about what to say are on this web site.  You will be able to send an email to all officials with just one click!

If you have any questions, or would like to get regular email updates about the gravel pits, please email Glen Wheelus: or Rex Diamond:  You may also call Rex at 585-0606.
Please take a few minutes to help us right now.  The gravel pit companies are spending a lot of money to win their fight.  We are counting on you to keep us safe and healthy.  We need you to be our voice!