Party Coordinator

Party Coordinator Lead: The Party Coordinator Lead attends monthly PTO meetings and represents all Party Coordinators for the school.  At the beginning of the school year, the lead solicits parent volunteers to be Party Coordinators (2 per classroom) and party helpers.  The lead communicates all party expectations to the Party Coordinators and provides a list of all volunteer parents.  The lead sends party reminders to all Party Coordinators to assist with advance planning.

Classroom Party Coordinators: The Party Coordinators (2 per classroom) plan the Fall, Winter, and Valentine’s Day parties.  They are responsible for contacting volunteer parents and identifying their capacity (e.g. attending the event, donating items, running games/crafts, food, etc.).  Once volunteer parents are identified, the coordinators plan activities for the party and arrange for donations and help from the volunteer parents.  The coordinators communicate everything with their respective classroom teacher to create awareness and ensure there are no conflicts.  The school office sets the dates/times for all three parties at the beginning of the school year and adds them to the school calendar.  The Party Coordinators primary responsibilities are planning, recruiting parents to help execute the plan, and ensuring that the students have a great time at their parties.