Status - February 12, 2010

posted Feb 11, 2010, 7:39 PM by Foxcreekpto President   [ updated Feb 12, 2010, 12:35 AM by Foxcreekpto Technology ]
After being defeated last year, Stringtown LLC has again submitted an application for a special use permit to locate a gravel pit across the street from Fox Creek Elementary School.  A new zoning ordinance went into effect late last year.  It specifies that a gravel mining operation must be at least 1/2 mile (2,640 feet) from a school property line to property line.  They are asking for a waiver of the setback rule to go from 2,640 feet to just 70 feet!!!!
A gravel pit 70 feet from any school is just too close!!!
The Fox Creek School PTO along with the help of the Southwest Bloomington Residents Association (SWBRA) and area businesses are joining forces to oppose the creation of this gravel pit.  The first meeting with regards to this re-application is going to be held on Thursday, February 18th @ 7:00pm at the Government Center (Room 400), 115 E. Washington St, Bloomington.  We can't emphasize strongly enough how crucial it is to have your support and participation at this meeting and future meetings.  We can make a strong initial statement by filling every chair in the room that there are many of us opposed to this re-application.  If we end up having little support in attendance, we will be sending a message that the Fox Creek School families aren't concerned about a gravel pit right across the street from their child's school.
We are all saying 'NO'....
NO.... to putting the children's safety at risk with this attractive nuisance
NO.... to the declining area property values this will cause
NO.... to harmful health risks including lung disease caused by fine silica dust this proposed project
How can you support the 'no gravel pit' cause:
1) Attend the hearings before the Zoning Board of Appeals to show your support
2) Join the SWBRA email list to keep yourself informed
3) Write letters and send emails to McLean County Board members and Letters to the Editor - Pantagraph
4) Continue to check for any updates and pertinent information with regards to our fight