September 2009 Status

posted Oct 5, 2009, 12:45 AM by Foxcreekpto Technology   [ updated Oct 5, 2009, 7:40 PM ]
The McLean County Zoning Board members unanimously voted on September 1st to allow gravel pits to operate closer to residential areas and schools. Their changes will now go before the County Board for approval at the September board meeting. While they can vote no, they will most likely rubber stamp it and approve the changes. The changes they voted on will now allow the gravel pits to operate within the available land boundaries. The changes allow the gravel pit excavation area to be within 500 feet of a residential area or school if operators have noise and dust control measures and at 1,000 feet without the measures. The louder crushing machinery will be 1,500 feet of residences and schools with noise and dust abatement measures and 2,000 feet without.

The "dust control" measures are just a land berm around the gravel pit. This is basically a row of mounded direct around the gravel pit area. The "noise control" measures will be a muffler on the loudest machinery. The control measures will not stop the excessive dust or noise.

We can expect the land owner to re-submit his proposal for the Gravel Pit across the street from the school, and then there will be hearings on his specific proposal. It will be a huge uphill battle to stop the pit, but it is still possible. If we cannot stop it, we can still try to have conditions imposed upon him for compliance, safety and dispute resolution.