Status - October 7, 2009

posted Oct 5, 2009, 1:05 AM by Foxcreekpto Technology   [ updated Oct 7, 2009, 12:30 AM ]
Gravel Pit Proponents Are Trying Again

After an extensive debate, the McLean County Board voted on the gravel pit ordinance that effects the proposed pit across from Fox Creek Elementary on Tuesday, September 15th and passed limitations.  The vote was extremely close, but the amendment passed by a single vote in the 9 to 8 decision.

One of our two District's board members, Erik Rankin, stood up for the residents' needs and proposed the amendment to the setback distance recommended by the zoning board of review. This amendment increased the distance to ½ mile from property line to property line between a gravel pit and a residence (zoned R1) district or a school.


This current ordinance puts the proposed pit across from Fox Creek Elementary out of bounds for mining operations. The gravel pit proponents can still submit an application for a special use permit and ask for a variance, but this new ordinance will make it much harder to achieve that goal by making them bear the burden of proof as to why a substantial variance should be granted. 


Unfortunately, only two days after this amendment was passed, Board Member Paul Segobiano announced that he will be trying to use a county board rule to overturn the vote.  He has to get a board member who voted yes to make a motion to revisit the issue and another to second the motion.  What this means is that he and maybe some other NO voters will attempt to encourage the YES voters to bring up the newly passed gravel pit ordinance.  Between now and the next board meeting, the 9 board members who voted to keep gravel pits further back from Fox Creek Elementary will be feeling some pressure to reconsider their vote.  

If you are wondering how you can become involved, attend the next board meeting :

Please attend the next County Board Meeting, a strong showing is critical.

Tuesday October 20th at 9:00AM

Government Center, 4th Floor, 115 E. Washington (enter on Front St.)