New Post - Wednesday, March 10th

posted Mar 10, 2010, 8:15 PM by Foxcreekpto President
Fox Creek School was impressively represented by Fox Creek teachers and staff, families and other concerned citizens at the Unit 5 School Board meeting tonight, March 10th.  Three past and present parents and one teacher representative individually addressed the School Board with regards to the proposed gravel pit that could be developed across the street from Fox Creek School.  The School Board was not able to make any official comments during the meeting since it wasn't an official agenda item but thanked those who addressed the school board with their concerns and were going to discuss the presentations further at a later time.
The Zoning Board of Appeals heard from final witnesses in the case with regards to the proposed gravel pit across from Fox Creek School on Tuesday, March 9th.  There were several concerned parties that took advantage of addressing the ZBA members and spoke against the proposed gravel pit.   There were two more meetings scheduled with regards to this case and they are at the same location, 115 E. Washington St., Government Center, Blmg on Thursday, April 1st and Monday, April 19th(if needed).  Meetings are held at 7:00pm.