Gravel Pit Overview

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Gravel pits are open-pit mining operations where compacted rock is crushed with large machinery to produce small-sized rocks that can be used for industrial purposes.

Open-pit mines are used when deposits of commercially useful rocks are found near the surface of land.  Open-pit mines that produce building material and dimension stone are commonly referred to as quarries.

Open-pit mines typically start their mining in a certain area of land and enlarge their mining either until the mineral resource is exhausted, or the difficulty of reaching remaining rocks makes further mining unprofitable.  During this process, water tables cause mine pits to become deep lakes.  The banks of the lake are unstable, however, unlike a naturally occurring or planned lake.

There are two more gravel pit operators waiting to request permits.

Participation by the residents, school parents, teachers and other staff as far as showing up for the hearings and contacting public officials is critical. As we have seen from board meetings, the board is inclined to ignore any input from the residents, but it is more difficult to do this face to face with a packed room.

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